This week I started a triathlon training plan. I put together the plan myself, working in two rest days a week and a rest week every fourth week. I included two strength training days a week. And I made sure to keep the increase in mileage and minutes very conservative, especially because I’ve never been this heavy when training in the past, and I do NOT want to get injured. For all of these reasons, I’m confident that I will be able to stick to this plan and not drop it after a few weeks as I’ve so often done in the past. I’m also very hopeful that my weight will start to drop as I train, especially as I continue to use Plexus and to clean up my diet.

I can tell that the Plexus is helping already because in the past, whenever I’ve started a new training plan after not exercising consistently for a while, I would be completely thrashed every single day for the first few weeks, to the point that I usually would have to take a day or two to rest after every two days of exercise. But this time it has been different. Yes, I have been tired. And yes, I have taken a nap here and there. And yes, my muscles are sore and achy. But unlike other times, I have been able to do all the workouts, finishing strong, and still have energy left to clean my house, be pleasant with my family, and make dinner. Also, I went for my second bike ride of the week this morning. I was very tired and achy (especially my back side), so I decided to just take it really easy and not worry about my speed. I’m generally not very fast on my bike, averaging around 12 or 13 miles per hour when I’m pushing myself. So today I figured I would end up at 8 or 10 miles per hour. When I pulled into my driveway after my 20-minute ride, though, I was shocked to see that I had gone 14 miles per hour! And that was taking it easy! So yes, I’m very excited to see how Plexus continues to help me in my training.

I’ve also noticed that I have energy to run longer than I have been able to for a long time. I used to run half marathons, and I’ve even run a marathon. But over the past couple of years, my running has dropped to almost nothing and my weight has risen to an all-time high. As I’ve tried to pick up my running again, it has been really, really, really hard. But recently, it has seemed way more doable. I went from struggling to go 10 minutes without walking to easily making it 20 minutes at about the same pace. And I know I could do more. As I said before, though, I’m taking it very slowly to make sure I don’t get injured. Again, I have to give the credit to the Plexus for this sudden improvement. I have only been taking Plexus for about 7 weeks, so this is just the beginning of the changes that are coming.

I’ve exercised three days so far, and tomorrow is a rest day for me. I’m really looking forward to it. But I’m also really looking forward to my run on Friday morning! It’s so much more fun to do this stuff when it doesn’t completely wipe me out for the rest of the day. And I am confident that this time the changes will last.


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