Today I saved someone from drowning. I had gone to the pool to swim a few laps. Afterward, as I was walking back to the locker room, I saw a boy struggling in the water. He gasped out, “Help me!” My first thought was that he was just joking around, so I said, “Really?” He managed a nod, so I dropped my stuff, jumped in, and pulled him over to the side. He told me as I was carrying him over to the side that he can’t swim. My guess is that he didn’t expect the pool to get so deep so quickly as he went after his ball, and pretty soon he was in over his head. I grabbed his ball for him, told him to be careful, and went on my way.

It was really a little thing for me. But for him, it was a matter of life or death. What I can’t stop thinking about is the fact that I almost didn’t go to the pool this morning. I just started my triathlon training plan this week, and I’m still fighting against the inertia of the last few years, especially with the swimming and biking. So I found a bunch of things that “had” to get done instead of going to the pool first thing. Then when I finally got up to go, I couldn’t find my swim gear. I knew, though, that I would be better off just going, even if it was just for 2 minutes. So I finally gathered all of my gear and headed over to the pool.

How grateful I am that I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I can’t help but feel that it was the Spirit that was pushing me to go to the pool even though I didn’t feel like it. And I’m so grateful that I allowed myself to be persuaded.

I wonder, too, how many times I’ve been in the place of the little boy spiritually or emotionally–in over my head, on the verge of drowning–and someone else followed a prompting to save me just when I needed saving the most. That happened to me recently when I was encouraged to read The Peace Giver by a friend and spiritual leader. It was just what I needed at the time, and I’m so grateful that he listened when the Spirit spoke.

I’m so grateful for all the life savers that have come into my life at just the right time. And I’m grateful that sometimes I can be the life saver to somebody else.


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