Today, instead of being “responsible” and doing laundry, etc. I spent a significant portion of my usual house-cleaning time playing with my children instead. I had so much fun while I was playing with them. But now, at the end of the day, I feel discouraged that my house is such a mess. Shouldn’t I feel happy that I put my children as a higher priority than the housework? Maybe because there is no physical evidence to show for playing with my kids, I have a harder time feeling like I got something accomplished. Still, I would much rather play tag with the kids than fold laundry. So how do I get past the need for physical evidence of my contribution and focus instead on the non-tangible benefits of getting my priorities right? Just posing this question to the universe.


3 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I often feel the same thing. It is really difficult for me to just relax when there are “things” that need to be done. And finding a balance between work and play is tricky. I sometimes sing a hymn to myself when I’m looking for that balance: “Have I Done Any Good?” I love that the song doesn’t ask if I’ve done the dishes or vacuumed the floor but instead asks if I have made someone else happy and helped others to live.
    I also took comfort when I went to the temple this week and realized that guilt came only after Satan suggested it. It’s hard to ignore the suggestion of guilt but I keep trying and look for joy in the moments.
    However, I also try to remember that part of my responsibility is to help my children learn to work, not just do it all myself. Some of my children learn that easier than others but Mary Poppins had a great idea when she turned a chore into a game.

    1. Those are great thoughts, Melanie! I love your comment about “Have I Done Any Good.” I’m going to start singing that every time that pile of laundry on the couch starts to arouse the feelings of guilt and the thoughts that I “should” be doing something else. The most important thing I “should” be doing is caring for myself and my family.

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