My mom and sister decided to host a girls night for their little granddaughters who live nearby. It was planned for last night, and my little 5-year-old, Anna has been soooo excited about it. Every single day for at least a week, she has been saying, “I can’t wait for Friday! Girls night!” “Only 3 more days until girls night!”

Friday morning she woke up saying her tummy hurt. Thinking it might be fatigue, I warned her that if she was too sick for school then she was too sick for girls night. So right before it was time to leave for school, she dragged herself off the couch and started trying to get her clothes on, but her lethargy told me she really was sick. I took her temperature and sure enough, it was 99.9. I told her she really was sick and would have to stay home. Oh, the agony! The poor little thing was devastated that she would have to miss girls night. Even though I assured her that they would have another one as soon as possible for her, she sobbed for a long time. I felt so sad for her!

Mercifully, her 3-year-old sister woke up complaining that her ear hurt, so I decided to keep them both home from the girls night. That would have been the ultimate injustice if I had taken Rachel and not Anna. And thankfully Rachel is too young to really care much. Hopefully it won’t be long before her dreams finally come true.


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