When I was younger, I never imagined the stress that could come from a daughter who doesn’t happen to own a green shirt! Can you believe it? Not a one. My little 5-year-old is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to clothing. It has to feel just right or she will refuse to wear it, to the point of throwing tantrums. As a result, she has a very limited wardrobe that includes no green shirts. I knew there would be problems come morning if I did not find something she could wear to school. Thankfully, some blessed person whom I have never even met gave my mom some hand-me-down clothes for my younger daughter, and there was a shirt included that had big green flowers. It was a size too small but thankfully flowy enough that Anna would still wear it. Oh, the joy! All the kids were happily arrayed in green when they left for school, and they spent the rest of the day looking for leprechaun mischievousness.

It was rather humorous to watch them, especially Anna: “Mom! You know those bottles that were in the bathroom? [Uh, sure.] They’re gone! The leprechauns must have taken them!” “Mom, who put the swings like that? It must have been leprechauns!” I was tempted to say to my husband when he got home from work, “Honey! Look what the leprechauns did to the house! It wasn’t this messy before!”


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Surprises

  1. Love it Denise!!!! Especially the part about what the leprechauns did to your house ;P.

    I’m like your little 5-year-old. I don’t own a green shirt either and I like my clothes to fit a particular way or I won’t wear them either!

    Alex also doesn’t own a green shirt. I asked him if he wanted to wear one of Nathan’s and he said no. So, no green on him. Good thing he’s only 4.

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