Last week in fast and testimony meeting, 7-year-old Cameron and 5-year-old Anna both decided to bear their testimonies for the first time in church without anyone else pushing them to do it. I unfortunately was home with sick little ones, so I didn’t get to hear them. (But that’s probably for the best because I would have been crying through the whole thing.) But Jared said they both did a great job. They both told me about what they said–Cam bore his testimony that fasting can bring you closer to God and Anna bore her testimony about the importance of reading the scriptures.

On top of that, we had talked to them that same morning about what fasting is and why we fast, and both of them also decided to try fasting through one meal. They both chose something specific they wanted to fast about, and we started the fast with a family prayer. It was a good learning experience for them.

Cameron and Anna are both so amazing! I’m really proud of my little ones. Spiritually they don’t seem so little anymore.


One thought on “Proud Mommy

  1. It’s moments like this when I finally realize that they might have been awake for part of scripture study or listening during primary. Take a deep sigh of happiness. You deserve it!

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