Tonight after Family Home Evening, 6-year-old Cameron told me that he had never seen me do anything wrong and that I am the only perfect person in our family. While I quickly yelled at him that he didn’t know what he was talking about (just kidding), I was happy to know that, for the moment at least, the good things I’m doing as a mom were more apparent and memorable to him than the many bad things I’ve done.  I’m so grateful for how forgiving little children are as well as for their poor memories. I wish my memory were a little poorer sometimes. And I have to admit that this has definitely motivated me to keep working on my patience, etc. I don’t want to shatter that image too quickly!


4 thoughts on “The Joy a Bad Memory Can Bring

    1. Thanks, Tammy! You are my biggest fan. And by the way, I must have been posting a comment on your blog the same time you were posting on mine!

  1. See, that’s what I’m counting on … hopefully I’ll get this patience thing down by the time my kids have better memories. If not, hopefully I can count on them still being forgiving?

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