Tonight as we were sitting down having Family Home Evening, Rachel came walking into the room from the hallway. When we saw her, we all started cheering and clapping. While this may not sound like reason to celebrate, it was reason enough for us because our little 15-month-old Rachel has been so close to walking for months now but has never seemed to be able to cross that threshold between crawling and walking. A few weeks ago she was having fun taking a few steps before she fell back down, but recently she seemed to lose interest in walking and stopped trying at all. So to see her suddenly walk into the room completely on her own tonight was unexpected and very exciting. She spent the rest of the night walking back and forth across the room and down the hall. You should have seen the way she handled those turns. And anytime she started to lose her balance, she stopped and usually managed to regain it before moving on. It was amazing; she could have been in the Olympics! Even though it was rather distracting to our FHE lesson, I am thrilled that my little baby is walking now. Hooray for little Rachel!


6 thoughts on “She walks!

  1. Congratulations, Denise! How exciting! And how fun that the whole family got to witness her amazing feat! I wonder if the round of applause played a role in her deciding that walking was fun…

  2. YAY! I’m surprised it’s taken her so long simply because she’s such a teeny thing that if my big lug of a kid can get up so early I expect all the kids light on their feet to be doing it too. Now if only I could get mine to talk . . . . or maybe not . . . .

  3. I expected her to be walking earlier too, but I guess she figured that she was so efficient with the crawling that there was no need to walk.

    It was a lot of fun that we were all there to witness it together. And she does get very excited when we’re all cheering for her.

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