Anna with her New School bag
Anna with her New School bag
Outside her new school
First Day in Class

Anna also started preschool for the first time last month. She has been so excited for the past 2 years to go to Mrs. Rodabough’s class, ever since Cameron was in her class when he was 3. The first week of school went great. She was excited to be there and didn’t seem to care when I left. But week 2 was a little tougher. She started spending the entire morning telling me she didn’t want to go to school and then clinging to me when we got there. She told me that she doesn’t like school because Mrs. Rodabough makes her sit down and won’t let her get up. She also had a few stories about some girl who wasn’t being nice to her. So her issues with school seem to be typical school growing pains.

Thankfully she has a wonderful teacher who told her that every day that she comes right into class and hangs her bag up and sits down, she will get to choose a princess sticker. Mrs. Rodabough also made her the “Special Helper” in class one day last week. When I picked her up from school that day, she told me she liked school. Hooray! So she’s making progress. I’m interested to see how things go this coming week. I really want her to love school and to make friends there.

If nothing else, she seems to behave well. Mrs. Rodabough told me that she does a fantastic job on her work and on following directions, so much so that she uses Anna as a good example for the rest of the class to follow. She also told me that Anna is not as chatty as Cameron was. I thought that was hilarious because Cameron has always been a talker. He will talk your ear off if given the opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Preschool Days

  1. Wow Denise! I haven’t noticed in person but in the pictures I think Anna looks so much more like Cameron when her hair is so short. NOT saying she looks more boyish but they just look more like siblings.

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