Tuesday was a rough day for me. Jared stayed home that morning so that I could go to a physical therapy appointment for my hip, which is still bothering me after 2 months. When I pulled into our garage after the appointment, the kids came running out as they always do when they hear the garage door open. Much to my dismay, Anna had a lot less hair than she had had before my appointment. I discovered that Cameron, who had been given a haircut by Jared the night before, decided when he found the scissors that he would also give Anna a haircut—you know, to help out. By the time he brought Anna in to show Jared what he had done, she had just one of her beautiful curls left. The rest of the hair was gone. Cameron had done a very thorough job of completely buzzing her hair. What’s really impressive is that he managed to do all that without cutting her. Jared laughed and grabbed the camera. When I first saw her hair, I almost cried! I never thought I would be the type of mom to cry over such a thing, but I have loved Anna’s cute little curls and the fact that she was finally getting enough hair for me to do something with. Also, I was planning on getting the kids’ pictures taken. And Anna is starting preschool in 3 weeks. So I did have to fight back the tears.

On the positive side, she actually looks adorable with short hair, like a mini Audrey Hepburn as one of my friends described her. And since she’s back into wearing only dresses and skirts, at least you can tell she’s a girl. Also, I’m not the best about doing her hair every single morning. Now there’s no hair to do. The funny thing is this “hair loss,” so to speak, has suddenly made me more interested in doing Rachel’s hair since she now has more of it than Anna.

Now that I’ve had some time to process it, I’ll probably still get the kids’ pictures taken in a few weeks, after it’s grown out enough to cover up the bald spots. After all, this is a memory we won’t want to forget.


6 thoughts on “The Haircut

  1. OH!!! I don’t know what to say!!!! (And that’s rare for me). Almost everyone I know has had a similar story but I’ve never seen anyone go as far as Cameron did and do such a thorough job! The first time I trimmed Alex’s hair I wanted to cry because it looked so different but that was nothing compared to this!

    I guess the important thing is what does Anna think? Is she okay with it or does she miss her hair??

    And aren’t you glad you started a blog so you can memorialize this :)!

  2. I’m crying right along with you! How sad! I’ve always told my girls that if they cut each other’s hair, I would have to cut their hair like a boy’s (though I don’t know if I could have actually done it). But Cameron IS a boy so what do you do?

  3. So, How much is Cameron charging for haircuts these days? Your kids are always adorable no matter what kind of haircuts they have had!

    I didn’t just have to worry about my three older siblings getting a hold of the haircutting tools. When I was in third grade Mom gave me a reverse Mohawk accidently, when she forgot to put on the razor attachment; the one that keeps you from shaving your victim bald. When we lined up in school, I was the first in line and had to face my teacher and her assistant, as they came walking up, their eyes immediatly went down to my reverse mohawk. Thank goodness my hair grew back fairly quickly, so I was only humiliated for about a week.

  4. I’m not sure what Anna thinks of it. She has gotten a LOT of attention for it, but I can tell by the look on her face that she isn’t sure if the haircut is a good or a bad thing. She was looking at a picture of her new self this morning saying “Look! I’m a boy.” Lance, that’s a great story about Mom giving you the reverse mohawk. Just about everybody I talk to has a similar story. Unfortunately Anna’s hair grows really slowly, so we’ll see how long it takes before she starts looking like a girl again. But I have to admit he did a remarkably good job for a 5-year-old. I’ll ask him what he charges.

  5. That’s so funny that Anna thinks she’s a boy now because Nathan thinks he’s a girl with his longer hair! Now’s a great time to stick pretty little hair clips in it :).

  6. You both reacted way more calm than I would have, I’m sad to say. There wouldn’t have been picture-taking, just bum-spanking. 😦

    Even now, Brooklyn’s been going through a stage where she cuts her toys and stuff, and frankly, even that’s ticking me off. But I just tell her we’re not replacing her toys when she does that. I hope she grows out of it soon.

    Poor Anna, though. She really did have very cute curls. 🙂

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